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You can kiss Metatrader's order window goodbye! The GoodBye Order Window (GOW) package has everything you need in order to save you from having to open the order window again! Whether you're opening, closing, or modifying an order, GOW will surely be there to help you simplify your trading tasks.

GOW Lite Features:

  • Scripts for buying, selling, closing that can be also be assigned with hotkeys.
  • Preset values for lotsize, stoploss and takeprofit.
  • Adjust SL & TP with your mouse just by moving lines
  • Automatic Stealth Mode: If your broker have limit on how small SL/TP can be used, the software will automatically switch to stealth mode if you are trying to set too small SL/TP.

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GOW Lite is the free version of GOW. It possesses the basic functionalities of GOW Advanced. Click here for more information about GOW Advanced