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Are you frustrated by all the steps it takes to complete Forex trades? Simplify the process! GOW executes your trades in seconds so you can do more and make more!

As an experienced Forex trader, you know the importance of speed when trading. Just imagine what you could accomplish if you had a few shortcuts at your fingertips!

Goodbye Order Window (GOW) is easy-to-use software that allows you to automate functions on Metatrader. You can kiss Metatrader's (infuriating) order window goodbye!

Your Trading Strategy on Steroids

Become a speed demon with GOW and maximize your trading strategy. Tasks like inserting values for Stoploss, Lotsize, Takeprofit and Slippage don't need to be done for every trade. GOW cuts out the repetitive steps so you can get in the very second you spot that perfect trading opportunity.

The GOW package has everything you need. You'll never have to look at that Metatrader order window again. Whether you're opening, closing, or modifying an order, GOW makes it simple and FAST!

Advanced Features for Advanced Traders

If you're a professional trader using advanced techniques, GOW is a must for you. It lets you execute more trades and leaves you time to focus on your trading strategy. Check out these exciting features:

Scripts for Opening and Closing Market and Pending Orders

You can assign hotkeys for all your most frequent functions: Buy, Sell, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Close All Order, Close Last Order and Close First Order. A single click does the trick!

Simultaneous Orders

Open as many orders as you want. Each order can be handled individually. GOW keeps them all separate.

Preset Values for Lotsize, Stoploss & Takeprofit

GOW includes an Expert Advisor that communicates directly with the GOW scripts. Simply specify the values for your parameters, and the GOW Expert Advisor will do everything for you!

Set Stoploss and Takeprofit Visually Before You Enter

If you like, you can have two lines (called Stoplines) that you set visually to the desired place of Stoploss and Takeprofit. The Stoplines can be set before the entry.

Adjust Stoploss and Takeprofit with a Mouse After You Enter!

No longer will you have to think in numbers and figures. With GOW, you'll see the lines that represent your Stoploss and Takeprofit values. To adjust their values, simply drag the lines to the levels you want.

Advanced Money Management: Select From Four Types

  • Type 0: Fixed Lotsize. GOW gives you shortcuts to increase and decrease lotsize without opening the expert Properties window. For example, if your initial lotsize is 0.5 and your increment amount is 0.1, you can increase the lotsize to 0.7 by simply pressing the set shortcut (e.g. Alt+Q) twice.
  • Type 1: You specify the exact dollar amount you want to risk. GOW sets the lotsize so that your Stoploss equals the risk amount you set. *
  • Type 2: Similar to Type 1, however, you set a percent of account, and that's the amount to be risked by Stoploss*.
  • Type 3: You specify the lotsize and account amount. For example, if you want to open 3 lot on a $10,000 account, and your account is $1,000 large, GOW will open 0.3 lot.

* Type 1 and Type 2 can be used with the Stoplines described above, and the lotsize will then be determined by the visually set Stoploss level.

Shortcuts to Increase and Decrease Risk

For each Money-Management type, you can set an increment amount and then increase or decrease the risk with shortcuts. For example, you can set Alt+Q for increase and Alt+A for decrease, and these keys can be used for each Money-Management type.

Fine-tune Your Strategy with Partial Takeprofits and Partial Stoplosses

Never miss a profitable, yet risky, opportunity again! With GOW, you'll have 3 Takeprofits and 3 Stoplosses; 2-2 of them can be used for partial exit. You can minimize risk while maximizing your profits.

Partial Exit at Any Time

GOW offers scripts for partial exit. You can exit your half or third position any time with a shortcut.

Advanced BreakEven, Lock-In Profit and Trailing Stop

GOW includes these outstanding features in Forex trading:

  • Break Even - Set the break-even point for your trades, quickly and easily.
  • Profit Lock-in - Beyond break even, GOW lets you lock-in profits.
  • Trailing Stop - Now you can set the start of the trail for Stoploss, the size of the trail and even its step, and the level at which to stop trailing!

Trailing Takeprofit Helps Minimize Losses

With Trailing Takeprofit, you can exit with a better price when you are already in loss. For example, you can set 10 pip trailing Takeprofit after reaching -5 pip loss. If the price goes down to -7 pips loss and then goes up 10 pip, you'll exit with +3 pip profit instead of -5 pip loss. You can combine it with a fix Stoploss to go even lower, and GOW will bring down the Takeprofit when it's clear you can't end up with profit, minimizing your loss.

Virtual Stoploss and Takeprofit Let You Operate in Stealth Mode

If your broker won't allow small Stoploss or Takeprofit values, you can use Virtual Stoploss and Takeprofit to set smaller-than-allowed stop sizes. Their values will appear as lines on the chart, and the trade will close if the price reaches either of those lines.

Using this function, you can hide your Stoploss and Takeprofit levels from your broker and avoid being caught in a "stop-hunt."

Many More Features

The functions described here are just a few of GOW's abundant features. We don't have enough space to list them all.

Bottom line. This program has unlimited potential. It can be as simplistic or sophisticated as you want. As you progress as a trader, it will keep pace, giving you the freedom to maximize your trading strategy.

You Get the Full Source Code

With GOW, you get all the source code. There are no hidden parts. You'll be able to see the program logic and make changes if you understand programming.

Instant Shortcuts Pre-set

GOW gives you a pre-determined set of shortcuts that you can load right into MT4. No need to spend time deciding which key you want to use for each function. Everything is provided.

All Software Updates for FREE

GOW is continually being enhanced. We use customer suggestions to add new features. Whenever there's an update, you'll be notified. And of course, you'll get the new version for FREE.

Free Upgrade to Metatrader 5

GOW currently works with Metatrader 4. Coming soon - FREE upgrade for use with Metatrader 5.

See How It Works

Below is a trade with 1 StopLoss and 3 TakeProfit.

The red line is the Stoploss, which can be moved with your mouse, and the real Stoploss on the broker's server will be automatically changed. The 3 green lines are the 3 Takeprofit. The lowest is the one that closes the whole remaining position and is sent to the broker. The other 2 green lines are partial Takeprofits.

Below you can see how GOW closes the part of your position when the first and second partial TakeProfit are reached.

This is only one example showing the use of partial TakeProfits. GOW has so many features you won't be able to employ them all. Just select the ones that are most useful to you.

For example, one of our customers uses only one Takeprofit and Stoploss but widely uses the MoneyManagement and Stoploss. With those functions, he can set the Takeprofit and Stoploss visually before entering the trade, and GOW automatically sets the Lotsize according to the size of the Stoploss.

Here's What Customers Are Saying About GOW:

"With GOW, I can do more trades than ever before. And that means more $$$!"

John St.Onge
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

"GOW bridges the gap between thinking and acting. Now, when I see a trading opportunity, I can get in instantly."

Mario Sanchez
Madrid, Spain

"I use hotkeys for buying, selling and closing. I love GOW's scripts!"

George Theodopolis
Athens, Greece

"GOW's Expert Advisor communicates directly with the GOW scripts. I preset the values for Lotsize, Stoploss and Takeprofit, and the GOW Expert Advisor takes care of setting and modifying the real Stoplosss/Takeprofit when I move the line or the Trailing Stop activates."

Sharon Marcus
London, England

"With GOW I don't have to spend time dealing Metatrader's annoying order window. My trades are executed automatically, and I can focus on my trading strategy. I'm having my best year ever!"

Gary Tinka
Syracuse, New York, USA

Our Tutorials Guide You

We want you to succeed with GOW. Most of the program is intuitive, and you'll figure out the main functions within minutes. But, if you want to take things up a notch, we encourage you to read the instruction guide included with the package. If at any point, you have questions about the program, we're always here to help. Just e-mail our Customer Support Department and we'll respond promptly.

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