GOW 4: Goodbye Order Window Just Got Even Better

Are you frustrated with all the steps it takes to complete Forex trades? Simplify the process! GOW executes your trades in a snap: achieve more, less effort!

As an experienced Forex trader, you know the importance of speed when trading. Just imagine what you could accomplish if you had a few shortcuts at your fingertips!

Goodbye Order Window (GOW) is an easy-to-use software that allows you to automate various trading routines on Metatrader.

Add GOW to Your Trading Arsenal, Be a More Effective Trader!

Become a speed demon with GOW and maximize your trading strategy. Tasks like inserting values for Stoploss, Lotsize, Takeprofit and Slippage don't need to be done for every trade. GOW cuts out the repetitive steps so you can get in the very second you spot that perfect trading opportunity.

The GOW package has everything you need. You'll never have to look at that Metatrader order window again. Whether you're opening, closing, or modifying an order, GOW makes it simple and FAST!

Advanced Features for Advanced Traders

If you're a professional trader using advanced techniques, GOW is a must for you. It lets you execute more trades and leaves you time to focus on your trading strategy. Check out these exciting features:

Advanced GUI for Manual Trading

Click your way to executing your manual trading strategies! Aside from the trading scripts available in previous versions of GOW, GOW 4 has a built-in graphical user interface. The GUI layout comes in two different flavors horizontal and vertical. The layouts are switchable, and are shown in the following screen shots:

Entry and Exit of Market Orders

GOW ensures that your orders are sent as fast as the speed of thought. Watch the following video for a demonstration:

Also Available: Pending Orders

Open as many market and pending orders as you like. GOW can manage all of them. See the following video for a demonstration:

Adjustable Stoploss and Takeprofit

No longer will you have to think in numbers and figures. With GOW, you'll see the lines that represent your Stoploss and Takeprofit values. To adjust their values, simply drag the lines to the levels you want.

Operate Under Stealth Mode: Virtual Stoploss and Takeprofit

If your broker won't allow small Stoploss or Takeprofit values, you can use Virtual Stoploss and Takeprofit to set smaller-than-allowed stop sizes. Their values will appear as lines on the chart, and the trade will leave the market as soon as the price touches either of those lines.

Using this function, you can hide your Stoploss and Takeprofit levels from your broker and avoid being caught in a "stop-hunt."

New Feature: Hline to Trendline for StopLoss and Takeprofit. Make your stops more dynamic by converting your horizontal lines tops to trendline stops. The trade will exit once it touches either trend line above or below it. See the following video for a demonstration:

Advanced Money Management: Select From Three Options to Manage Lotsize

  • Type 0: Fixed Lotsize
  • Type 1: Risk Percentage. Risk a percentage of your current account balance.*.
  • Type 2: Risk Per Money. Maintain a fixed ratio between lotsize and account balance. For example, if you want to open 3 lot on a $10,000 account, and your account is currently worth $1,000, GOW will open trades at 0.3 lot per trade.

Exit Trades Even While You're Away: Breakeven, Trailingstop, and Profit Lock-In

  • Break Even - Set the break-even point for your trades, quickly and easily.
  • Profit Lock-in - Beyond break even, GOW lets you lock-in profits.
  • Trailing Stop - Now you can set the start of the trail for Stoploss, the size of the trail and even its step, and the level at which to stop trailing!

Maximize your manual trading strategy by enabling yourself, the trader, by applying tools that make trading easier and more enjoyable.

Release of Source Code

To resellers and customers who would like to have a customized version of GOW, the source code can be provided at no extra cost.

Free Yourself From Order Window Hell, Get GOW Now!

If GOW isn't as we promise, you can request a full refund within 60 days (terms and conditions apply).

We are confident that once you try GOW, it would be indispensable!

If you are not yet convinced that GOW is for you, feel free to contact us for a risk-free time-limited version

Price of GOW 4: $60