Now You Can Make
Split-Second Decisions

Micro-Timeframe Gives You a Winning Edge

Every second counts in Forex trading. A fortune can be made or lost in the blink of an eye. But to make the best decisions, you need good information.

Micro-Timeframe for MetaTrader helps you to more accurately see the market. You can make 30-second, 20-second, or even 5-second charts, giving you critical data. The more you know, the faster you can react. Micro-Timeframe helps you fine-tune your entries and exits to the split second.

For Advanced and New Traders

Whether you're a professional trader using advanced techniques or just a beginner trying to hone your trading strategy, Micro-Timeframe gives you the edge you need to increase profits and minimize losses.

Scalpers - Micro-Timeframe is a must-have tool if you are scalping. You'll be able to see extremely small movements. Now you can quickly get the super-detailed data you need.

Day Traders - Micro-Timer will help you identify market cycles and better time your trades. You'll be better able to minimize your risks, knowing when to exit from long trades for maximum profits.

Easy to Use

Micro-Timeframe uses tick data to draw charts. Just position the EA on the standard chart. It immediately starts saving an "offline chart". Offline chart is really a realtme chart that work just the same as normal chart. You can use any object and any indicator on the chart. Some expert advisors, such as GOW (Goodbye Order Window) and Price-Speed, can even run on the offline chart.

See this video showing Micro-Timeframe in action:


On the Top there is a normal M1 chart, on the bottom, an 5 second chart made by MicroTimeframe. Both show the same price movement, but now you can more easily identify peaks, bottoms, double bottoms, waves and more.

Micro-Timeframe allows you to work with such small time increments that you can clearly see price fluctuations that might otherwise not be evident.

MetaTrader platform have never gave you the flexibility to select any timeframe you want. Now you have the ability to make more accurate entries and exits. Watch your profits soar!

Customize Micro-Timeframe's Features to Your Needs

  • Set ANY timeframe - 100 seconds, 20 seconds, 5 seconds, 1 second or anything you'd like
  • Select Other chart types like: Tick Chart, Range Chart, Renko Chart, Point and Figure Chart
  • Select which price you use to draw chart - ask, bid or mid-price.

Important to know: Makes chart realtime

Microtimeframe makes chart from tick data, that is available only for time when it's running on the chart. For example if you leave the microtimeframe program on chart from 15:00 to 15:20, you will be able to see the microtimeframe chart from 15:00 to 15:20. If you leave it opened for a week 0-24h, you will have chart for a week. For larger timeframes (say 20 minute) or other chart types (like renko), you can generate chart history from the ordinary M1 chart.

Want to know more about Microtimeframe?

You may read the manual to get a better feel how will you work with the software: Microtimeframe Manual

Email Support - We're Here for You

When you purchase Micro-Timeframe, you get documentation that includes detailed instructions and settings. We're also available to assist. If you have any questions when using MicroTimeframe, just email us. We answer all queries within 2 business days.

You Get the Full Source Code

With Micro-Timeframe, you get all the source code. There are no hidden parts. You'll be able to see the program logic, and you can make changes to the programming if you'd like.

This software was developed by Dynamic Programming Solutions Corporation, which specializes in creating add-on programs for Meta-trader.

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