Measure PriceSpeed

With PriceSpeed indicator, you will be able to see the movement more deeply on the chart without having to comtinuously watch the price.

How it works?

PriceSpeed uses tick data to measure the speed of price movement. It shows the speed separately for bull and bear movements, you can choose to see average or maximum speed (or both).

Click Here to see a picture about the PriceSpeed indicator

Features of PriceSpeed Indicator

  • Uses Tick Data for accuracy
  • Shows Bull and Bear Speed
  • Shows Average and Max Speed

You Get Help from Us

You get a document with instructions and settings, but if you have any difficulty in using PriceSpeed, you get email support from us. We answer queries within 2 business days.

You Get the Full Source Code

With MicroTimeframe, you get all the source code. There are no hidden parts. You'll be able to see the program logic and make changes if you understand programming.

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