About Us

Dynamic Programming Solutions (DPS) was founded by Zoltan Ferenci. Based just outside Budapest, Hungary, Zoltan and his team of programmers help traders from around the world increase their productivity and effectiveness through customized software.

One of DPS’s specialties is working with MetaTrader, used for FOREX trading. “We develop custom programming solutions that simplify trading and allow tasks to be partially or fully automated,” Zoltan explains. “Our clients find they can achieve so much more when MetaTrader has been customized to their personal trading strategy.”

Zoltan is a native Hungarian and lives in a small town near Budapest. Since childhood, programming has been Zoltan’s passion. “I like helping people solve challenging problems through software. It’s gratifying to watch them realize their goals once they have the right tools.”

If you’d like Zoltan and his team to assist you in working with MetaTrader, contact DPSC for a quote on your project.