60-Day Money Back Guarantee

While we strive to follow your precise specifications and provide programming that is error-free, we take full responsibility for any problems. We are committed to resolving all issues to your complete satisfaction.

You will have Money Back Guarantee for 60 days after your purchase with the following terms:

  • You have to report any problems you have with the software. The problem should be within the scope of work and in the original specification, or in case of Ready Made Software, the information provided on the description page.
  • You have to send us any information about the software and cooperate in the resolution as described in the Customer Responsibilities section in our terms and conditions.
  • We are committed to resolving the problem within 14 days after you have provided the required information.
  • You can request refund if you have followed the steps above, and we failed to resolve the problem. The refund request have to contain the exact problem description which hasn't been resolved.
  • If the refund request introduces new information, we may start the resolution again along with the new information.
  • While we are committed to support you in any of the problems not connected with the programming we have made, like installation, external indicators, etc, those problems cannot be reason of refund.

As with all of our software products and custom programming, we are available to provide you with support for a full six months from purchase.

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