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GOW 4: Trade Management for Manual Trading

GOW is an all-in-one package that automates many of the functions on MetaTrader. Just think how much more you could make if you didn't have to open Meta-trader's annoying order window each time. A few shortcuts like that could increase your trading speed tenfold!

GOW makes trading simple and fast. GOW executes your trades in seconds so you can do more and make more!

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Micro TimeFrame: The Charing Software to Overcome MT4 Limitations

Micro-Timeframe for MetaTrader helps you get a more accurate picture of the market. It enables you to make 30 second, 20 second, or even 5 second charts, so you can see even the most subtle price movement. Microtimeframe is also capable to create tick charts, range, renko and point and figure charts.

MetaTrader plattorm never before gave you the flexibility to select any timeframe you want. The more you know, the better your decisions.

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OS/OB Indicator

OS/OB Indicator stands for "OverBought/OverSold." It is an indicator designed to replace your standard oscillator. This indicator can show the oversold and overbought signals as well as the direction of the current trend.

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Price Speed Indicator: Find out inter-candle speed of price

With this program, you can see an important dimension of price movement that is usually not measured, the price speed. It measures the price from tick data and shows the average and/or maximum speed on a chart with bull and bear movements noted separately.

Customize this software to your precise preferences. You decide what you want to see and filter out movements (too slow, too fast), that you don't want to measure.

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Colored MA Uses 3 Lines to Show the Right Color Everytime

Many colored MA indicators don't work because MetaTrader doesn't always show lines correctly. For example, with a poorly made colored MA, you see longer red and shorter blue lines (or vice versa). If the bar moves up 1, the indicator doesn't show it right. You may see a 2 bar line or no color change at all.

Our colored MA uses 3 lines and combines them to avoid such problems. For a 1 bar up movement, you see a 1 bar blue line. If movement is up-down-up-down, you see blue-red-blue-red lines. Now you don't have to guess about movement.

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Customize MetaTrader to Your Precise Needs

We've listed some of our existing MetaTrader add-ons, but that's not all we can do. If you have an idea for a program or would like some specific function automated, let us know. We offer affordable custom programming for MetaTrader as well as other programs.

Just tell us what you need and we'll send you a quote.





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